Scandinavian Lodge Winter ViewStrawberry Park Hot Springs are high up in the mountains surrounded by pine trees and elegant ponds and buildings in a lovely setting.

The pools have water temperatures that vary in heat. You can progress to the hotter zones, if you desire. There is an ice cold pool next to the hot pool with trout in the pool, which is the clue that that one is not hot. There are changing facilities, towel rentals, and even water slides for the children.

The surrounding vista is beautiful, and the springs are very relaxing. Locals feel that this is the best hot springs in Colorado and is a magical place that is especially nice after a day of skiing. Take sweat pants, a sweatshirt, and mukluks so you can change out of your swim suit and walk out. Also, bring a flashlight if you’re going at night.


The drive is beautiful but steep, and, in the winter, it is usually icy. So you would need snow tires, or take the Sweetpeas Bus shuttle, or take an inexpensive private taxi that will come back to pick you up, which is Alpine Taxi at telephone number 970-879-TAXI.